Sales team building: MM&SI will build out your actual full commission sales team, assist with strategy and use our vast connections to jump start the relationship building and advance the sales cycle.

Sales team management: MM&SI will offer professional management and reporting for the full commission sales team if necessary. 

​Market development and sales placement within key accounts: MM&SI will utilize our vast network of reps and principals to help get your product in front of the right decision makers at the right time. Dramatically lowering the length of the sales cycle.

New Product Development (Sales): Often, there is more than one direction to take a product or service. Sometimes its placement in retail, others its selling direct to OEM's or distributors. At the next phase it can be licensing and/or aligning strategic partnerships. MM&SI will work with you to develop the strategy and take it in a straight line to the market. Partnership: The Modern Marketing Team has an exclusive agreement with the prestigious Modern Marketing is the recruiting arm behind the RepHunter Platinum programs. 

Modern Marketing & Sales Institute: "connections at a higher level"